The FARMHOUSE is a single story four bedroom home ideally suited to a rural property with views, or a suburban site of substantial size.  The building has a large separate garage connected by an undercover link.

This design embraces a more rambling approach to residential architecture, to suit a relaxed lifestyle, with an emphasis on entertainment and outdoor living.  Room sizes are substantial with large sliding glass, as well as highlight windows, ensuring that the house is light and spacious with good connection to outdoor areas.

The form of the building is one of a series of sweeping skillion roofs, this allows for dynamic internal spaces as well as a building of some prominence in the landscape.

The kitchen occupies a central position between a separate dining space and an open family area.  Service areas have been carefully laid out to function effectively and to ensure good zoning of living and sleeping areas.  The bedroom wings can easily be stretched to add a study or children’s activity areas.

The design of this house employs clean contemporary styling with a strong, modernist aesthetic.