The KS Build Standards

By utilizing only high quality components and cutting edge building techniques, KS Build offers the absolute finest in construction, renovation and finishing. Our business has long practiced an extremely successful building policy that reflects both our longevity in the industry and the referral trail, that augments our reputation. Our achievements over the years speak for themselves, further inspiring our management and staff to continue the high level of excellence and output.

We also pride ourselves on quality service and more importantly, administering a comprehensive list of standards and building practices. This forms the basis of an exhaustive process that together with our project management style, adheres to all mandatory building specifications, code and indeed standards.

In effect the structures that are in place coupled with great teamwork and experience, compels us to sanction all the required planning. This includes the provision of accurate building costs, translating stated regulations, assembling reliable project data, structural compliance certification and much more. The benchmarks at KS Build have always been high. We have maintained these over a long period of time which speaks volumes for our commitment and validates KS Build, as the right building company for your next project.

Our compliance process is listed below.

Environment Considerations

Ethical Standards

Health and Safety

Property Security

Performance and Practices

Scope for Changes

Quality Assurance

Guaranteed Period

Project Timeline Adherence

Periodic Inspections

Family Comfort

Final Inspection Process

Compliance Certification

Post Project Support