The METRO is a single storey, four bedroom contemporary Australian home designed to suit a typical suburban site, preferably with north to the rear or the side of the property.

The master bedroom is well away from noisy living areas and the children’s sleeping area.  The location of the kitchen in a central position ensures that the house design is very efficient and effectively zoned.  The children’s bedrooms have direct access to their bathroom with a separate toilet and if required a version with only three bedrooms can be easily derived from this model.

Internal spaces flow together and relate well to outdoor entertainment areas with maximum light and sunshine penetration from the highlight windows.

Generous windows and sliding glass doors maximize garden views and access from within the building.  An alfresco can easily be added to create an outdoor room.

Rooms are spacious and easily furnished as traffic flows have been resolved in the design.  This layout is perfectly suited to the changing needs of a growing family.

The result is that the METRO is a simple, single level, spacious, particularly efficient and functional home with plenty of storage and the design is one of a stylish, contemporary flavour, ensuring a broad appeal.