The MODE is a two storey, four bedroom, family home with a modest footprint ideally suited to a suburban site and a client who wants to have a private master bedroom suite at ground floor level away from children’s bedrooms and activity area at first floor level.  This arrangement becomes particularly effective as a young family grows and reaches the charming stage of life called “living with teenagers” or young adults.

The family and dining areas open out to maximise garden views and linking outdoor activities with the centrally positioned kitchen.  A separate living room allows for a defacto home theatre set up if desired. Room sizes are generous and storage has been effectively integrated into the design.

The design incorporates a simple traffic spine with a central stair and service areas follow our core concept which ensures a very efficient home layout and much flexibility if the design needs additional rooms.

We have prepared two versions of this design with a flat roof concept where sun shading is achieved by sweeping shade devices integrated into the elevations creating a striking modernist architectural treatment.  The alternative option presented is a more traditional but still contemporary design with a low pitched roof, preferably in a metal or sheer finish, with wide eaves overhangs, slender fascias with half round gutters, carefully proportioned and deeply shaded windows leading to a broadly appealing, timeless architecture.