The Winterhouse is a single storey, courtyard style, four bedroom residence.

This design suits all site orientations as the courtyard ensures northerly sunlight access to living and family spaces.

The living room is located between the courtyard and the front garden which ensures its flexibility as a multi – purpose area.  The kitchen, family and dining areas occupy a central position with windows and garden views to each side of the building.

This design facilitates cross ventilation, maximizes light and creates a sense of space and transparency.

The living areas focus on the central courtyard and the bedrooms are arranged at the back of the building.  The master bedroom is away from the children’s bedroom zone and has its own courtyard creating a private and restful environment.

Service areas are grouped for economy and efficiency.

The entrance point to the WINTERHOUSE utilizes an indirect approach to emphasize the garden setting and to ensure privacy and weather protection.

The house draws on clean modern lines to present a sophisticated façade to the street.